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Draganfly Inc. is the creator of quality, cutting-edge, unmanned vehicle systems and software that revolutionizes the way people do business. Recognized as being at the forefront of technology for over 21 years, Draganfly is an award-winning, industry-leading manufacturer within the commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (“UAV”) space, serving the public safety, agriculture, industrial inspections and mapping and surveying markets. Draganfly is a company driven by passion, ingenuity and the need to provide efficient solutions and first-class services to its customers around the world with the goal of saving time, money and lives.

Founded in 1998, Draganfly is recognized as one of the first commercial multi-rotor manufacturers and has a legacy for its innovation and superior customer service. Draganfly has sold products and services to over 50 countries. To date, Draganfly, has sold over 9,000 of its drones for multitudes of applications around the world. Zenon Dragan is the founder of Draganfly and is a recognized leading expert on UAVs. Draganfly is positioning itself as an integrated solutions provider to the UAV industry.

Draganfly introduced its first systems in 1999 and has since evolved and shaped the UAV industry. The company’s aircraft are widely used by public safety agencies worldwide and were one of the first UAV to receive a Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) Certificate of Approval the fall of 2009 with the Mesa County Colorado Sheriff’s Office. In 2012, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (“RCMP”) flew one of the company’s drones to locate and save the life of an accident victim. The RCMP system is on permanent display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Draganfly aircraft have achieved many industry firsts, including:

  • First public safety UAV to shoot aerial photos documenting a manned aircraft accident in an urban area;
  • First UAV operated by a public safety organization flown at night to locate and save a life;
  • First UAV helicopter to be granted a county-wide U.S. FAA COA; and
  • Recently named as a test platform at one of the U.S. FAA’s certified test sites.